Comprehensive risk management

Manage risk and exposure across your entire portfolio, or drill down by investment or any attribute.

Visibility into key metrics

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio with key metrics and variances, such as NOI, DCR, cashflow, tenant exposure, valuations and more.

Centralized data and report repository

Reduce dependence on spreadsheets and rely on Investment Central as the source of record for your investment portfolio information.

Increased data accuracy

Data Management Services streamline data collection and validation to save time and eliminate the data chase.

Maximize portfolio performance and increase investor confidence

Manage your real estate investments and create a more informed portfolio strategy with Investment Central, a full lifecycle asset management solution for real estate investment managers, fund advisors and institutional investors. Investment Central consolidates disparate investment data and documents to support comprehensive risk management and efficient reporting to stakeholders. For more than 17,000 real estate investments across 15,000 end users, Investment Central enables critical decision-making and investor reporting.


  • Centralize investment data, risk management, processes and reports in a mobile, secure location.

  • Eliminate Excel as the source of record for your investment portfolio.

  • Keep your investors informed and build confidence with secure, automated reporting.

  • Rely on dedicated support teams with strong industry knowledge and client-specific business processes.

  • Improve data integrity with Data Management Services to streamline data collection/validation.

  • Gain access to all the information needed to view, manage, and report on your investment portfolios.

Our Clients

Spend less time chasing data and more time managing your investments.


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