Financial reporting and investor accounting should be flexible for varying investment structures, including funds, joint ventures, and REITs. MRI Investment Accounting powers investment experiences across our property management and investment management products.

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Investment Central consolidates disparate investment data and documents to support comprehensive risk management and efficient reporting to stakeholders.

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Investor Connect helps attract new investors and build current investor confidence with streamlined, comprehensive investment analysis and report distribution.

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Developer Central is a full lifecycle asset management software for real estate developers, owners and operators in the Affordable Housing industry.

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Maximize performance and minimize risks for real estate investment management

MRI’s Investment Management solutions are designed to help you understand, manage and communicate the performance and risks of real estate assets and investments. Instead of spending time chasing data and manually creating reports, real estate fund managers, owners, and operators can focus on maximizing performance. Manage investments, assess risk and exposure, then consolidate the information and share it with investors, board members, or other stakeholders. With on-demand access to reports through an investor portal, you can offer new investors more visibility into their investments.

Data Management
Data management

Create scalable processes by reducing reliance on spreadsheets and eliminating manual data entry.

Operational Efficiency
Improve operational efficiency

Automate investment accounting functions, such as generating consolidated financials and investor reporting, and streamline the process of contributions and distributions.

Investor Relations
Better investor relations

Effectively communicate portfolio performance to shareholders and investors, enhancing credibility and trust for your firm.

Investment Management- Ensure compliance and auditability
Ensure compliance and auditability

With a single system of record and drill-down capabilities, you get full transparency into each point in the real estate data chain.

Investment Central

Stop chasing data and start managing your real estate investments. Automate workflows, mitigate risk and provide efficient reporting to stakeholders with Investment Central.

Investment Management Buyer’s Guide

Reduce risk and ensure investor satisfaction with investment management for real estate

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