Flexible, configurable apps and integrations to fit your needs.

Real estate software should enable you to do more, not act as a ball and chain to your plans. That’s why we craft tools to make you more flexible, responsive to change, and just all-around better. From the exchange of information and applications to responding quickly to change, we have you covered.

Flexibility Toolkit

Nobody will ever know your business better than you. It's time to configure your solutions in ways that best serve your needs, not ours. Modify pages, views, buttons, reports, and more with Flexibility Toolkit.

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MRI Information eXchange

Keeping data in step with third party applications can be tough. MIX is a paradigm shift. Exchange data between MRI and third-party applications, take control over your company’s data, and assemble a solution that fits.

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MRI Application eXchange

Everything we do at MRI has flexibility at its core. We would be kidding ourselves if we didn't give you a place to download and upload customizations — now you can configure to your specs.

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