Prospect Connect - Automate Lease Execution
Flexible views

Edit the content of each view, modify web pages, and control how information is presented and assembled.

Flexibility Toolkit - Configurable reporting
Configurable reporting

Create tailored reports from scratch or easily modify an existing, standard report.

Flexibility Toolkit - Workflow design
Workflow design

Modify the menu structure and create custom workflows to align with business processes and optimize the user experience.

Flexibility Toolkit - Global search
Global search

Use MRI GO to find information, reports, and workflows with one global search that covers all records and databases.

Configurable products made to fit your needs, not ours.

The MRI Flexibility Toolkit gives you the freedom to configure your products in ways that best fit your needs and processes. Modify your pages, views, buttons, reports, and much more. With other real estate software providers, forced adaptation is commonplace. We don’t work that way. MRI Software hands the reins back to you.

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