Flexible, configurable leasing software? No, we’re not making this up.

It’s easy to blow smoke around commercial real estate software. It’s tougher to actually build an intuitive solution. The latter is more our speed. Just like in everything we build, we shoot to be flexible, configurable, and just plain easy to use. Cutting corners isn’t an option when it comes to your critical business functions. We bring everything together into a cohesive platform.

Commercial Management

Managing your lease deadlines across different property types can make you feel like you're caught in the ring with a prize fighter. We synced up all your real estate operations to punch above your weight.

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The daily demands of commercial building ownership, management, and daily operations aren't doing your workflow any favors. We feel your pain. We configure Workspeed to handle service requests, preventative maintenance, insurance and more.

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Advanced Retail

Between managing costs, forecasting, boosting productivity, shortening lease cycles, and pulling kittens out of trees, Advanced Retail has its hands full. It's the hero your commercial retail property deserves, and the one it needs.

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We didn’t take shortcuts building a fully-functional leasing CRM to manage your entire property lifecycle. This tool doesn’t just work in a vacuum — it integrates with your MRI Commercial Management for a seamless experience.

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Tenant Connect

Have you ever had a terrible online experience? Don't put your tenants through the same struggle. Tenant Connect is an online portal that brings account information to your tenants anytime, anywhere - while also streamlining your property operations.

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