Multifamily Connect Suite- Automated Communications
Interactive chat

Instantly connect prospects and residents with on-site office staff with a managed chat service.

AP Automation- Time savings
Increase accessibility

Enhance the resident experience by connecting without wait times.

Automated Communications- Online and mobile access
Real-time connections

Chat with residents or prospects on their preferred devices.

Investment Central- Centralized data and report repository
Flexible integration

Integrate with MRI Connect Suite including: Prospect Connect, Market Connect, Resident Connect for Multifamily, Tenant Connect for Commercial.

Engage prospects and residents in real-time through live chat

MRI Software’s CallMaX Web Chat provides multifamily residents imperative information, their way. Web Chat helps office staff connect with potential residents directly from the community’s website. Prospective and current residents alike can chat with a leasing agent from their device, whether that is a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. With streamlined integration via the MRI Connect Suite, MRI Software clients can experience this additional CallMaX functionality to enhance community relations.

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Improve community engagement with CallMaX Contact

Use CallMaX Web Chat together with CallMaX Contact to streamline multifamily property communication! Interact with your residents using their preferred communication method and send bulk messages with just a few clicks.

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