InvestorConnect- Flexible reporting

MRI Software’s CallMaX Music On Hold can be implemented on multiple phone systems including analog, digital and VoIP.

Analytix Portal- Executive-level dashboards
Customized messages

Choose from a variety of music, voice talent and other on-hold options.

Residential Management - Scalable, automated processes
Caller reassurance

Use targeted messages to market your community and guarantee that staff will be back on the line shortly.

Customize the caller experience with Music on Hold.

With MRI Software’s CallMaX Music On Hold, never miss an opportunity to market your community. With Music On Hold, you can share valuable information about your community with callers while placed on hold by community staff. Providing a pleasant listening experience to keep your callers happy, informed and on the line, Music On Hold decreases lost calls and builds relationships with prospective and current residents.

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Never miss a call with CallMaX Answer

Use CallMaX Music On Hold together with CallMaX Answer to capture and respond to all leads! The interactive answering service uses speech recognition to answer leasing inquiries and provides lead management data to leasing staff for follow up.

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