Automated Communications- Automated Answering Service
Resident notifications

Easily share information about community events, rent reminders, weather warnings, security notices, routine maintenance, and more.

MRI Information eXchange- Partner Connect
Multiple contact methods

Connect with your current and future residents via live text chat, text message, email, or phone.

Asset Modeling- Manage risk
Reduce delinquencies

Send consistent rent reminders or past due statements to residents to encourage on-time payments.

Investment Accounting- Comprehensive views
Targeted messaging

Use the Bulletins feature for individual and/or bulk messaging to target prospects and residents while documenting communication and message receipt.

Connect with prospects and residents through property management call center software.

Engage and retain residents using MRI Software’s CallMaX Contact. Interact with your residents using their preferred communication method — text message, email, phone — to share information about community events, property maintenance, and more. Property management call center software designed specifically for resident engagement helps you find out what your residents really want by sending text or phone surveys about amenities or social activities. Documented communications and message receipts confirm that your message was delivered, and property staff can set up automated responses to make communications more consistent and reliable.

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Never miss a call with CallMaX Answer

Use CallMaX Contact together with CallMaX Answer to capture and respond to all leads! The interactive answering service uses speech recognition to answer leasing inquiries and provides lead management data to leasing staff for follow up.