Analytix Data Store- Data on-demand
Data on-demand

Users with API credentials can access a wealth of real estate and financial performance information without relying on technical expertise to support BI.

Analytix Data Store- Enhanced decision support
Enhanced decision support

Executives get a clear view into trends and problem areas, allowing them to make better strategic decisions more quickly.

Analytix Data Store- Advanced reporting framework
Advanced reporting framework

Leverage secure integration of Tableau, the leading BI tool, with our advanced real estate data warehouse.

Analytix Data Store- Increased flexibility
Increased flexibility

Reduce the need to invest in product customizations with the ability to create your own reports and drill down into the data.

Flexible real estate business intelligence for faster, accurate decision making

AnalytiX Data Store is a centralized, flexible business intelligence environment designed specifically for the real estate industry. MRI clients and partners with their own BI tools can pull in data via secure APIs to the AnalytiX Data Store for faster, more accurate decision making and reporting. Drill into the detail behind any of the reports and visualizations to see account and/or lease level detail, including financial and non-financial data, to speed up the decision-making process.

AnalytiX Portal

Maximize your portfolio performance with real estate business intelligence. MRI AnalytiX Portal offers insight into the impact of key market indicators so real estate decision makers can assess trends and identify outliers.

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