Affordable Housing BostonPost- Customizable Templates
Customizable Templates

Automatic production of complete resident files and verification forms from a central document library of over 400 templates.

Affordable Housing BostonPost- Intelligent waitlist and turnover processing
Intelligent waitlist and turnover processing

Maintain compliance by pre-selecting eligible applicants and automating the tenant certification process.

Affordable Housing BostonPost- Configurable Reporting
Configurable Reporting

More than 300 configurable reporting options for real-time data access from a community, portfolio or regional level.

Affordable Housing BostonPost- Document Management
Document Management

Standard HUD documents, TICs and Income Limits, all automatically loaded by MRI.

Simplify affordable housing operations and compliance

Easily streamline your property management, even with comprehensive layered funding with MRI Software’s Affordable Housing Bostonpost. Bostonpost handles the complexities of affordable housing programs to optimize day-to-day property management operations. MRI Affordable Housing Bostonpost accommodates HUD, USDA, Tax Credit, and HOME programs to reduce administrative workload within any mix of affordable housing funding programs.

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