Workspeed MobSupp - Service request
Interactive answering service

Provide automated answers to leasing inquiries with speech recognition technology and provide inquiry data to management staff.

Analytix Portal- Executive-level dashboards
Maintenance messaging

Pre-script immediate response messaging for maintenance service requests and text a photo of the responding technician to the resident.

Multifamily Connect Suite- Automated Communications
Call recording

Monitor staff and record calls to decrease liability and assist in staff development.

Affordable Housing BostonPost- Intelligent waitlist and turnover processing
Phone call analytics

Develop customized weekly leasing, maintenance and courtesy call summary reports.

Enrich the resident experience with efficient call management software

MRI Software’s CallMaX Answer is a property management call tracking service designed specifically for multifamily communities. Using the innovative speech recognition technology, callers can ask questions and get the information they want right away on a wide range of topics related to your community. Your leasing team will see these topics whether the caller leaves a message or not, turning a cold lead warm by utilizing a property management call center.

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Engage and retain residents with CallMaX Contact

Use CallMaX Answer together with CallMaX Contact to easily share information with your multifamily community! Connect with your residents efficiently via text, call, email or even a live text chat to notify them of community events, weather alerts, security notices and more.

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