real estate listing software

Automate your listing process

MRI Property Tree is Australia and New Zealand’s most full-featured and advanced cloud-based rental and commercial property management software built with a powerful real estate listing software to give you the convenience of a single software package that will complete your property management tasks.

You don’t have to purchase MRI Property Tree to see its real estate listing capabilities as well as its massive list of other features first hand; simply book a free demo on our website.

real estate listing software

List properties at the click of a button

MRI Property Tree’s automated system allows you to enter the relevant information, then with the click of a button, sit back (or go on to other pressing tasks) as the software uploads your listing(s) to all selected Sales and Rental websites.

Besides the obvious advantage of saving time and effort, the one-entry multiple-posting model ensures consistency between listings. Despite our best efforts, as humans, we may make transcription errors or, after a tedious afternoon of posting, neglect to add that vital detail that could clinch a sale or rental. With automated listing, you can ensure every detail is correct and accounted for once, and then add that information to every website you need to.

real estate listing software

Real Estate Listing Software in the Cloud

When a listing becomes available for rent and sale, you want to have it up and advertised as quickly as possible – before a potential customer finds another option. Thanks to MRI Property Tree’s cloud-based nature, your agents and managers can access it at any time from anywhere on any device. Your current tenant emails you at 2 am on a Sunday saying he will not be renewing his lease? By 2:10 am your agent can have that listing posted on every website, having securely logged in from his or her own bed using a smartphone.

real estate listing software

Powerful Property Management and Real Estate Listing Software

With an incredibly rich feature list, widespread automation, a host of additional capabilities and integration with some of the industry’s most used apps, MRI Property Tree may be the most powerful cloud-based property management software ever. Just one of these capabilities is its fully automated and highly accurate real estate listing feature. To see how MRI Property Tree can make listing your properties easier and more efficient while addressing all of your businesses’ other needs.

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