The technology backbone designed for real estate

The role of the real estate department can involve a huge range of tasks – and the role is getting bigger. Activities now cover core leasing, transaction and facilities management through to being tasked with responsibility for all space utilisation and workplace matters.

Having worked with hundreds of real estate departments, we have seen that the function can be a key target of the ‘more from less’ approach – even with widening remit. And unless there is a strong backbone of dedicated software and technology in place, the activities can be even more challenging.

At MRI, we use our extensive knowledge of the sector to provide tailored software solutions just for property occupiers. Software that is easy to access, familiar to use and that provides instant access to information and easy-to-understand KPIs – so that your life in the real estate department becomes less challenging.


  • Technology that is designed specifically for occupiers using a simple set-up, based around core real estate processes.

  • Open technology enables integration with other corporate systems.

  • Collaborate with service providers on a single system to support shared business activities.

  • Graphical dashboards deliver easy-to-understand performance metrics.

  • Configure displays, fields, screens and languages to meet individual needs.

  • Flexible workflows improve efficiency and help standardise processes.

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