Improve accuracy, consistency, and transparency when managing complex developments

Housing associations deal with highly complex service charge situations as they undertake joint and mixed-use developments. Varied tenure types, including the prevalence of leasehold, is making the job of managing property income more difficult.

Specialist housing association software for property management is critical to handling the complexity of the calculations that arise. These applications are required to prevent inaccuracies, as well as to improve customer service. As a leader in leasehold property management and accounting software, we can help you increase the efficiency of your service charge operations, consolidate disparate systems and eradicate complex spreadsheets.


  • A flexible service charge solution can be integrated to your housing system or fully featured property and facilities management solution.

  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets or systems not designed for service charge management.

  • Better budgeting – a vast range of functionality to allow for effective budget management.

  • Ensure compliance with necessary industry codes and financial legislation.

  • Comprehensive financial and property reporting with fully customised outputs, BVA reporting, reconciliation reports, P&L, balance sheet, trial balance and so on.

  • Implement a system that has the flexibility to truly manage every property use – residential, commercial and mixed.

  • Access your portfolio information anywhere, anytime with a cloud-delivered platform and mobile app suite.

  • Automate and streamline your property, finance and FM processes.

The time taken to produce year end accounts has been reduced by 60 per cent as a result of Qube (now part of MRI).
Philip Marns | Service Charge Policy and Projects Manager - Hanover Housing

How we can help

Core Property Management Database

A central location for all data on any type of portfolio or leasing structure – owners, regions, properties, tenants, suppliers, leases and activities – with a full lease date management system at the core.

Integration with your Housing Management System

Integrate with your housing management systems or ERP system dependent on your business process. Alternatively, utilise as a standalone system for a leasehold or property management business unit.

Service Charge Excellence

From fund allocation and setting budgets, through to a comprehensive set of system reports and tools for the quick and accurate production of even the most complex reporting requirements.

Demand Suite

Issue demands and statements in line with lease terms, including appropriate section notices, across multiple portfolios in one run with 100% confidence. Output to Word templates and easily use your own branding.


Fully integrated ledgers help you gain tight control of property income and expenditure. Plus, create and present accounts across every portfolio entity; P&L, balance sheet and trial balance.

Arrears Chasing

Configure your system to issue all demands and statements in a timely, accurate and correct fashion to minimise queries and delays. Grant access to data and enable collaboration with legal teams and third parties.


Utilise the in-built Direct Debit functionality to offer this method of payment. Upload and automatically reconcile against bank statements, and utilise multiple bank accounts for client fund management.

Custom Communications

Utilise a range of in-built tools and utilities to make leaseholders aware of issues, obligations and progress. This includes automated emails, mass and segmented email broadcasts plus SMS messages.

Site survey app

This highly configurable app allows property managers to create tailored site inspection surveys while mobile. Eradicate paper-based systems and duplication of data, with no need to pay to link to third-party apps.

Task and Workflow Management

An integrated workflow engine and graphical flow designer help you to quickly impact property and FM processes. Proactive alerts, escalations and approvals help manage the most complex processes within leasehold management.

Procure to Pay

Bring all your P2P processes together under a single platform with intelligent invoice scanning and matching. Record, manage and control the full life cycle of the payment processes across your portfolio.

Document Management

Achieve one controlled documentation set across your property management operations, with the flexibility to store any document type. Choose a fully integrated option, or choose to link to your own system.

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