The flexibility to interact with prospects and residents on their terms

The Connect Suite from MRI Software engages prospects and residents at every touchpoint. These residential property management software solutions combine pricing and availability, property and mobile websites, online application and digital lease execution, effectively changing the way potential residents shop for housing online. An intuitive user interface guides your prospects through an easy process to transform them into full-fledged renters.

Property management and leasing staff benefit from software that's designed to work the way you do - not the other way around. The Connect Suite supports flexible rent dates, proration, step-ups, break clauses, common banking and more.


  • Enable growth with scalable, automated processes, while freeing up resources for leasing and resident retention.

  • Manage payments and cash flow with common banking.

  • Efficiently navigate portfolio data with MRI GO, the powerful global search function.

  • Increase proficiency and accuracy with automated reporting and calculations, reducing manual work.

  • Easily facilitate the implementation of the MRI Platform X product suite to meet your portfolio needs.

  • Robust and configurable report library with full modification capabilities.

Connect Suite Products

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