Accounts Payable

Horizon’s accounts payable functionality manages all expenditure incurred while running a portfolio. Both recurring, such as lease payable rent and ongoing local taxation charges, and ad hoc expenditure is managed within a single business process suite.

Accounts Receivable

Horizon accounts receivable enables all income streams generated from property to be managed and recorded effectively. Its functions handle the end–to-end life cycle of all income, from invoicing to debt management to settlement.

General Ledger

Horizon’s general ledger facilitates a central accounting solution for all sub-ledger entries, providing management and statutory reporting by property, entity and group.

Cash Management

Manage the reconciliation of all bank accounts and cash transactions through the Horizon system. It offers a central point of enquiry for all payments and receipts, online interrogation of bank balances and the production of cash flows.

Harness a market-leading financial engine to drive your business forward

With MRI Horizon, you can utilise tools for all aspects of accounting around your portfolio, including property level accounting, fund accounting, accounts payable and receivable, client accounting for agents, cash management and general ledger.

A fully integrated General Ledger provides seamless consolidation of all movements, transactions and journals produced by the property management system, purchase ledger and sales ledger. Multi-company functionality allows you to group companies together for consolidated property accounting reporting and handles inter-company transfers with ease. Flexible reporting options also enable you to produce user-defined statements, trial balance, P&L, balance sheets and more.

The purchase ledger records comprehensive details of suppliers, amounts that are due to them and due dates. It provides all the essential elements to enable you to keep tight control of property expenditure and a sales ledger ensures non-property expenditure can be accounted for.

Property companies can produce full company accounts, and agents can use client accounting capabilities – including the production of owner statements. In addition, you can automatically reconcile all bank accounts and cash transactions, and have one central point of enquiry for all payments and receipts.

This robust range of features, combined with advanced financial reporting tools, ensure you are able to derive maximum business intelligence from your property accounting.

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