Define new standards for portfolio analysis best practices

Portfolio analysis requires a strong understanding of financial metrics, consideration of historic trends, and economic factors that may impact the portfolio. Being able to not only understand overall performance but to attribute portfolio performance to individual assets is critical to evaluate the accretive or dilutive effect of an individual asset or property on the success of the portfolio.

Asset modelling provides portfolio management to help you enhance short-term and long-term decision making by having a consolidated dynamic view of the actual and prospective performance of portfolios and individual assets. Asset Modelling can help you improve performance within the organisation by enabling sophisticated aggregation of financial information based on any criteria, in a base case mode or scenario model. Whether you need to validate that investments are in line with corporate strategy and/or perform scenario modelling from the top down, or whether you need to review a specific complex investment from the bottom up, portfolio analysis can be performed at any level within your entity structure, with drill down capabilities to go from portfolio to individual lease in a few clicks.

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