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Occupier service providers the world over are starting to seek new ways to win business, and technology is now seen as the key differentiator. Trying to get by with old systems, or those more suited to other property disciplines, will only maintain your status quo in the market – indeed, it could even result in you going backwards.

MRI’s solution is structured perfectly for occupiers and their service providers. It’s designed to represent you as an innovator, and differentiate you from your competition – the best occupier technology stack available in the market today.


  • Achieve a comprehensive software solution with fully integrated leasing, property and facilities management functionality not matched in other systems.

  • Complete IWMS with space management and resource booking functionality.

  • Work across borders with a range of features for multi-county operations – multicurrency, territorialisation and local leasing rules.

  • Proactively identify opportunities for real business impact.

  • Rapidly react to evolving client needs using easily configurable software.

  • Drive client improvements by introducing new technology tools and show your expertise in this area.

  • Provide answers to client questions quickly with easily searchable and navigable software.

  • Easily configure visual displays, fields, new screens, languages and workflows to meet individual client needs.

  • Integrate with your in-house reporting and business intelligence tools.

  • Protect your client interests with solutions that meet current and planned financial and business regulations.

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