Maximise asset utilisation and performance

By managing assets across the facility, organisations can improve utilisation and performance, reduce capital costs, reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and subsequently improve return on your asset investment. A good fixed asset management system moves away from spreadsheets and consolidates asset information in a centralized asset register which can be accessed by multiple departments—finance, IT, maintenance. A system that incorporates asset tracking software will speed up physical audits, making it easier to build and maintain an accurate fixed asset register. With a purpose-built system in place, producing accurate depreciation and amortisation calculations and maintaining compliance is easily achieved.

Asset tracking helps organisations track assets on a daily basis. Tracking the assignment of assets to employees, contractors, or customers ensures that no assets get misplaced. The issue function enables the assignment of an asset and complete management of its timely return. Each time an issue transaction is processed, an audit record is created in the system, providing full visibility and accountability of the asset’s usage. Assets can even be reserved prior to use to ensure speedy collection.


  • Reduce the loss or theft of portable assets with electronic tracking

  • Identify unused equipment and equipment in short supply through usage reports.

  • Monitor changes in asset condition with updates when an asset is loaned or returned.

  • Automatically chase overdue/not-returned equipment through automated workflows.

  • Electronic signatures upon issue and return of an item to improve accountability.

  • Attach electronic documents to provide asset condition, usage and instructions

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