Free up
development resources

Your experienced developers can focus on strategic priorities with a solution that doesn’t require deep technical expertise.

API capabilities

The API functionality enables you to call on data from other applications.

for the future

Your custom pages won’t go down when your solution version upgrades.

MRI Agora Studio - Development resourcing being pulled in a million different directions?

Development resourcing being pulled in a million different directions?

Development resources can often get caught up in tech debt or pulled into the latest high priority, leaving a backlog of valuable solutions to remain untouched. Not only that, but due to these last-minute priority shifts and unclear strategic direction, developer burnout can add up fast and cost your organisation the resources it needs to innovate or even keep up.

Modern technology

MRI Agora Studio applies modern styling, visualisation, and responsive design to pages.

Concept Evolution

Flexible user experience

The MRI Agora Studio interface contains easily configurable, drag-and-drop options, as well as SQL Wizards for both simple and complex needs.

Enterprise FM


Gone are the days of relying on a third party to customise solutions that fit your organisation’s needs.

Custom page builder

Custom page builder

Product pages can be designed and published from MRI Agora Studio.

Action sequences

Action sequences

Maintain the action sequences for a page, which provide the interface between an element on a page and the actions it can initiate, either when the page loads or triggered through pre-set events.

Page variables

Page variables

Set primitive or array data variables to be used by page elements.



Maintain the expressions for a page, which are pieces of JavaScript that can be executed on a page to perform a variety of actions.

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