Tenancy Analytics is also helping us to tackle tenancy fraud; we have set a target of dealing with eight cases per month with a goal of having no Hafod tenants suspected of tenancy fraud after 12 months.”
Richard McQuillan

Head of Housing Services

When looking at the total cost of all our existing standalone packages against MRI’s offering, including the project delivery cost and time-savings we can expect to achieve; the investment makes a lot of sense and the costs are within the reach of organisations such as Squared.
Rob Robinson

Commercial and IT Manager

The bonus for us is that Community is a) cloud based and b) obviously written for housing associations. MRI talks the language of housing associations which was missing from other generic solutions. We need to ensure that our IT can support the future growth of Squared and for us, the software must be cloud-based. This subsequently places less pressure on our small IT team.
Rob Robinson

Commercial and IT Manager

Over the next few years, the organisation is set to fully embrace Digital engagement with its customers. The new Desktop as a Service with its ‘always on’ functionality managed by a team of IT experts will ensure this happens and that our internal IT team can focus on the delivery of enhanced services to its customers.
Richard Harvey

Head of IT

Entering into a Managed Services agreement combined with hosting has proven to be a transformational change and I recommend that every MRI customer should give serious consideration to making it an integral part of their implementation.
John Young

Housing Operations Manager (Property & Technology)

I want to extend a huge thank you to you all for all your patience and kindness. Working alongside you whilst getting to grips with a new system was absolutely one of my best bits of the last year.
Thea Treweek
MRI Housing Service Charges has reduced processing time and errors and has smoothed the overall Service Charge process.
Deborah Holcroft

Head of Finance

We have transformed and accelerated our service charge setting process which delivers a robust and transparent calculation of service charges.
Joanne Kidd

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