The Trend Report: The New Office Space

Looking for a new office space? It may not be as simple as just choosing a building with windows. Technology and preferences are changing, so work spaces need to change too. In order for your employees to make the most out of their days, they need a space that is conducive to the way they work. This means providing them with options that will make them comfortable and productive.CubeLife_230150206

Did you know, according to Forbes, by the year 2020 the average amount of space per employee will drop to 150 feet? This is a significant decrease since 1985, which reported 400 feet per employee. Not only are spaces getting smaller, but days are getting longer, and moods are getting duller. In order to make sure employees are happy and comfortable, new trends are being put into place.

From a real estate development perspective, it is important to know what business owners are looking for in an office space. Keeping up to date on the trends will help you fill those vacancies. Here are a few new designs office hunters are looking for:

  1. Working remotely – Allowing employees to work from home gives them the flexibility they want. While allowing employees to work from home has its benefits, it has been argued that being in the office is a necessary part of the work day. Yahoo actually revoked that privilege under the thought that the best ideas come from “hallway and cafeteria discussions.”
  2. Open air offices – Goodbye cubicles. Hello interaction. Getting rid of cubicles has done wonders for some companies by encouraging employees to work together and providing a more welcoming atmosphere. However, for some employees this is too noisy of an environment to work in. To remedy that, strategic spaces can help.
  3. Strategic spaces – Different office designs work in different ways. Certain spaces allow for increased productivity, while others promote innovation and interaction. Some businesses are opting to use both in their designs in order for employees to make the most out of their day.
  4. Unassigned seating and public areas – It was reported that 60% of employees do not sit in their assigned seats, and many businesses are taking note. By allowing employees to sit wherever they would like, or incorporate more public seating areas, employees are given the chance to mingle with people they normally wouldn’t. Businesses like Samsung think this method sparks the most creative ideas.
  5. Pet Friendly – When searching for the perfect office space, you may want to consider looking for one that is pet friendly. Office pets have been proven to reduce stress among employees and create a little more joy around the building,

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