The Superman for your Property Management Data

Here at MRI we understand the importance of having the upper hand. In order to excel in any business it is important to separate yourself from the competition. Although it is a seemingly simple concept, the execution is not always as simple. The real question is how to make yourself stand out, how to gain an advantage over your competition.

The true solution to this problem is simply this: be Superman. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the most plausible answer.  We can’t all be superheroes saving our customers’ happiness, our employees’ happiness and our sanity all in one swift action after all.  So, instead of being superman, what you really need is a superman system. In other words, you need ViewPoint.

I’m sure you’re thinking that this couldn’t possibly be the miracle solution you’ve been looking for but let me tell you about ViewPoint and how it can help you with your property management.

Power at your fingertips

With ViewPoint you are able to gain control in a way that you never imagined possible.  With this powerful executive browser based information system you have the ability to bring together all your property information onto one intuitive and easy to use dashboard.  You can view information for designated property groups, viewing everything from occupancy information to YTD operating results to information on funds and income. ViewPoint even reaches across all your other data within MRI! (Feeling powerful yet?)

Agility and Flexibility

You see the power of ViewPoint now, but what’s power without flexibility? (Think about Superman with strong arms but can’t touch his toes and you’ll see where I’m coming from.) With ViewPoint you have the ability to configure your data the way you want it. You can create everything from reports to custom menus, to special functions. Need to access your information by fund? How about by property type or by geographical area? ViewPoint gives you the ability to do that and much more.  It even gives you the ability to retrieve data at every level you can think of using the drill-down functionality.

Concise decision making ability

Finally, ViewPoint not only gives you power and flexibility, it also has a key function that allows for important centralized reporting.  With this reporting you can make concise conclusions by seeing the numbers with the supporting details. Also, the system automatically sifts through your database to identify critical information such as key performance indicators. If the need for key comparisons arises, ViewPoint can do this as well, giving you the ability to combine, filter, and sort data to create various analyses and comparisons.

So, if you are in need of a superman system to sort your data and support your property management software needs, ViewPoint is the tool for you.  Want to learn more about ViewPoint? Join us for our free webinar that will take place tomorrow at 11am EDT!


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