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For a property manager, there is no better skill than the ability to remain on your toes.  Enduring constant requests, deadlines, and bookkeeping is a daunting task for anyone and managers know this best. Being able to be flexible and nimble around these constant pressures is why managers do what they do; they are good at it. This doesn’t mean that they are alone in the journey, however. As gifted as a property manager may be, a smart one knows to enlist in a quality property management solution to make their job a littl easier. MRI Software fulfills this need with the expertise and collaboration of an entire company all culminating into the cutting edge, configurable software we offer – and that lineup includes mobile functionality.

MRI Software allows you take your management solution anywhere you go with it’s easy to use mobile applications.  Savvy property managers have certainly realized the need for this on-the-go mobile portal to keep them versatile and flexible, thus the Workspeed Property Operations Mobile App provides property managers with the ability to manage building operations from the convenience of a smartphone. Additionally, it empowers tenants to submit and review service requests from the palm of their hand.

“The increased accessibility of Workspeed Property Operations will significantly improve communications between tenants and management as information is passed seamlessly from party to party and is available at the user’s finger tips,” said David Post, CEO of MRI Software, in a press release discussing the app’s latest enhancements.

Enhanced functionality for property managers and building engineers, including work order requests and preventive maintenance, is available as an app for the iPhone, Blackberry, or an Android phone. Using these business enhanced apps allows for decisions and the delegation of tasks to be made on the fly, anytime, and from anywhere. This vital additional dimension allows property managers to move about freely all while having useful access to their solution information.

The MRI Workspeed Mobile App can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play. This handy app is just a small part of MRI Software’s full portfolio of property management solutions, so make sure you  head to our website to learm more about our offerings and what’s in the works for our line of award winning property management solutions.


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