The Demise of an Iconic American Sports Venue and the Rise of the Solution

Recently pictures were released revealing the current state of the former home of the NFL’s Detroit Lions, the Pontiac Silverdome. The devastating effects of the weather combined with the lack of upkeep and maintenance has ruined the Silverdome. To return this venue to its former state or to even let it serve any function this property will need a lot of work.

hammerThe Silverdome at one time was a well-known sports facility just outside of Detriot, Michigan and has hosted events like rock concerts, college and pro basketball games and the Super Bowl. After the Detroit Lions NFL team relocated to another facility in 2002, the 430,000 square foot dome fell out of popularity in the mainstream. While the Silverdome is still standing 12 years later, there is little attention paid to the maintenance of the building. MRI’s Workspeed Property Operations could have saved this landmark from falling to such despair. As all good property managers know it is difficult to keep up with the maintainance of such massive commercial properties, but with a software solution like Workspeed it is far easier to keep thing in order.

By implementing the Workspeed suite of Property Operations modules, you have visibility into all of the maintenance functions of the property, track assets, monitor service requests and access all of these functions on a mobile device. Workspeed gives a business the ultimate competitive advantage and streamlines communication with property managers, tenants and service engineers. If all of these systems would have been in place the Pontiac Silverdome would be in a very different state!

How do you use Workspeed to maintain your properties operations?


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