Super Bowl, Advertising, and Free Opportunity

shutterstock_6470233-resized-600For those of you who watched Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, you probably were watching the fun advertisements happening in between plays and quarters during the game. You also likely headed to the kitchen to refill the chip bowl rather than watching players lying around on the dimly lit field shortly after the half time show due to the power outage. Referring back to last Friday’s blog post “Super Bowl, Advertisements, and Properties”, advertisements and marketing during the Super Bowl is a finely tuned process that is matched with high costs and budgets. And just like the big game itself, over the years these commercials have built a reputation of being appealing, memorable, and sometimes even out of control.

Looking at this Sunday’s line up of commercials, the “out of control” factor was exemplified in Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” spot, featuring elderly individuals hitting the town for a wild night to Fun.’s “We are Young” playing in Spanish over the video. But what seemed to take the cake in quantity this year was more of a serious side the commercials. Looking at Hulu’s top commercials from Sunday,  three of the top five held very serious and strong messaging in them; Ram Trucks: Farmer, Budweiser: Brotherhood, and Jeep: America Will Be Whole Again.

Although this year’s trend of memorable advertisements strays slightly from the trend of humor being king, there was a very interesting lesson to be learned about advertising, opportunity, and creativity. Two key companies that held spots for humorous commercials not only achieved success in brining a legitimately funny commercial  that people remembered to the segment, but they also brought their company’s message and campaign full circle. I am talking about Audi and Oreo here.

When the lights went out on the field and the game was postponed due to the power outage, these two companies seized the occasion and turned this period of “down time” as an opportunity for high reaching free advertising. That’s right; by tweeting a creative marketing twist on the black out, Oreo drove re-tweets and brand awareness sky high. Look at the tweets they put out here and how they were creative, successful, and in Audi’s case – a great opportunity to take a stab at their competitor while promoting their own product’s feature.

Taking this back to last week’s post, advertising doesn’t always have to be about how much money you spend on your campaign. If you know who you are marketing to, what their interests are, and how they access it you can watch for opportunities similar to the Super Bowl black out and increase impressions and brand awareness quickly and powerfully.

What do you watch the Super Bowl for? The commercials? The actual game? Both? Other? Or do you not watch it at all?


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