Summer Internship Series: Week 2

A Day in the Life of an MRI Intern

Jamie Steines

As a Product Development intern my days here at MRI are all very similar yet somehow always different but never boring.

I can come in whenever works best, as long as I get my eight hours in. I love this because I can come in at eight some days and leave by four and have a bigger evening. However, if I don’t feel like having an early morning I can come in closer to nine and stay later till five. At first eight hours seemed like a lot of time and I was skeptical as to if I would actually have enough work to last the whole time. I now know that having too little work doesn’t ever seem to be a problem in PD, but that makes for an awesome internship.

We start every day with a meeting we call a stand up. We discuss our progress in our work from the day prior and decide on what our goals for the day to come are. This helps keep a steady pace of work throughout the week. After stand up we all start working towards what we said we wanted to accomplInternshipish that day. With our goals in mind and everyone to collaborate with we are all pretty focused and efficient. Since we usually work on something different than the day before work stays exciting all week. Before I know it, it’s time for lunch.

Some days we have events during lunch. One day we met the entire senior leadership team! They told us about their history, gave us some great advice as young professionals starting their careers, and tossed around some jokes. Every Thursday we have a group lunch with all the interns. This is always nice to catch up with those who aren’t in our department. Most days, however, I like to pack my lunch and eat outside at the picnic tables MRI has. Most days are warm and sunny and I sometimes get upset I don’t get to go out and enjoy it, so I find that taking my lunch outside and soaking up the warmth for a bit helps me refresh for an afternoon of work.

After lunch we all begin again at trying to achieve the goals set at stand up. Just like the morning there is a lot of collaborating and focus. Sometimes we have meetings that break up the 4 hours. I’ve interestingly noticed, the closer it gets to five the more foam darts are being thrown. Some days I accomplish my goal from the morning, and others I realize I’ve done it all wrong and have to start over tomorrow. However, no matter what, at the end of the day I always feel like I know more than the day before.

I’m sure a day in the life of every #MRIntern is different but I think I can speak for all of us when I say I learn more every day about MRI, my work, and professional careers and am very happy I have this opportunity to do so.

Quinn McHale

As much as I would like to completely encapsulate my daily experience as a #MRIntern in this short blog post, the truth is that every day has been so different. At MRI Software, one our core values is “to drive and adapt to change that enables our company to rapidly evolve and improve,” and now I can see why. Every day is filled with new challenges and obstacles, so it’s difficult to describe what a “normal” day entails, but there are some overarching themes.  For instance, every day our team holds a “stand-up” meeting where all the software engineer interns meet as a team for a quick status update. This is a meeting in which we all participate while standing. The discomfort of standing for long periods is intended to keep the meetings short. It is here where we typically describe what we have been working on and what we plan on working on for that particular day. I find these meetings to be extremely effective because it enables to team to progress much more efficiently through constant communication. This is one of the most prevailing themes for most of my days: continual communication. In order to prosper as a development team, there needs to be a continuous flow of exchanged information. This method not only streamlines the design process, but also alerts the team of any critical problems very early. These stand-up meetings are accompanied by a “code review” meeting every Friday where we spend two hours reviewing the code everyone wrote for the past week. All of these meeting supplement the daily process of collaborating with others.

Currently, the team of software engineer interns and myself are working on an internal “MRI Solutions” site which would allow employees to ask questions directed at any department within MRI Software. Now while the majority of my time is working on this site, every day is occupied with new objectives. Whether it’s altering how the site looks, or tweaking how the database handles the users’ questions, every task pushes me to learn more about computer programming and proper coding standards. By sitting together as a complete team, if I am ever lost or confused I can conveniently ask my coworkers for help. Collaboration and learning, that is what constitutes most of my days as an #MRIntern.

Matt Mellinger

Every day in the life of an MRI intern is one filled with challenging, yet fulfilling experiences that broaden my intellectual horizons. As a global client service intern, I am faced with highly diverse tasks and projects that are essential to the process of providing the best possible product and service experience to the customer. Knowing that I play such and integral role to the company as an intern puts a smile on my face as soon as I walk in the headquarter doors each day.

I arrive anywhere between 8 and 9 o’clock in the morning. I find this to be an awesome perk to working at MRI, as I have never had a job where I can begin my day whenever I would like. Once I have made my way to my beautiful cubicle with a breathtaking view of the fountain parkway industrial park and 3 computer screens. I clock in online and begin working. My first and ongoing task of everyday is to monitor the SaaS upgrades mailbox. Monitoring this mailbox consists of redirecting incoming emails to the correct people, and updating SalesForce and OneNote according to the actions of our SaaS engineering team members and clients. These emails come in sporadically throughout the entire day, so they always give me a break from whatever else I may be doing. I also do many other things within Salesforce such as ensuring that all of the records and version numbers are up to date. Another interesting thing I get to do as an MRI intern is shadowing different employees.

Shadowing full time employees is an invaluable experience that really offers you a glimpse into what your future every day work life would be like if you chose that profession. I have gotten a chance to shadow many different agents within the BostonPost team. It is very interesting to see the different approaches to problem solving that each agent possesses. I’m sure my days will only get better as an MRI intern.

Bailey Spinner

As my second full week as an intern at MRI Software comes to a close, I’ve quickly realized that no one day here is quite alike.  Whether it’s the new jokes and stories your co-workers have from their time here, the completely different menu at the café each day or the projects for you to complete, you are always in for something new each day at MRI.  All of this and more makes it so much easier to come back excited for the day and to do your best work.

While many may think that a “day in the life of an intern” would mostly include fetching coffee for full time employees or just doing busy work for the sake of saying you did something, it’s the complete opposite here.  Right away I was given a project that required me to work with clients first hand, this definitely helped me transition from the orientation days right into the everyday tasks that I would be my responsibility for the summer.  This project, which was for me to obtain the most up to date tax exemption forms from clients who are tax exempt so we know exactly how to bill them, also was clearly not just busy work as I had to be able to converse with the clients professionally and be able to get the project done.  All of this gave me that feeling of being involved with the company and not someone who will just come and go after the summer.  It’s very clear that not only me but the company will get something out of my time here.  I will get all the experience I could ask for out of an internship and in turn will be able to show to the internship program what worked best and things to improve upon.

After my second full week, I can definitely say that this is going to be an experience that is going to last a lifetime. #MRInterns2016




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