Sky-High Potential in the Big Apple

In a recent article posted on CNN Money, the author showcased the newest luxury condo buildings that are being constructed in New York City. With space being limited in the United States’ most populous city, developers are looking to the sky with their most recent residential projects and are breaking records while doing so. shutterstock_50602813-resized-600

The tallest project is called the Nordstrom Tower, set to be completed in 2018. This structure will stand at 1,775 feet, one foot shy of the brand new One World Trade Center. Over the next four years, midtown Manhattan is set to have some of the most high profile luxury condos this country has ever seen.

There is already a monster market for luxurious places to live in New York and it is very fitting that the Big Apple is getting taller. “The taller it is, the more prestigious it is. People want trophy homes,” Eric Trump, Son of Donald Trump.

Some of these condos reach upwards of $100 Million to own and the momentum to be the tallest and biggest is faster than ever. Property managers in New York should make their presence known not only on the skyline of Manhattan, but on the Internet. To do so you need a property management software like VaultWare Apartment Marketing Solutions.

No matter the size or square footage of the structure, utilizing a robust end to end property management software to manage your properties is an essential tool to maximize the potential of your real estate.

What do you think of this huge boom in residential projects? Leave your comments in the section below.


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