Selfie At 1,792 Feet?

By now, most everyone has heard about the ambitious teen who found himself at the top of the, still under construction, 1 World Trade Center building. Once he accomplished this he proceeded to take pictures and post them to social media before being apprehended. So what could have kept him from managing this feat at what should be one of the most secure buildings in the world? Yes, an alert security guard or a simple fix to the fence, but the Workspeed suite of products also could have helped in several key areas:

1) He entered the site through an opening in the fence – which the construction crews knew was there. A simple Service Request would have fixed the fence keeping him from even entering the worksite.

2) Workspeed Visitor Management’s use of identification badges for everyone entering the site would have given the otherwise clueless elevator operator a heads up that the teen was not welcome.

3) Workspeed Mobile could also have prevented the “inattentive” security guard from napping on the job through its convenient communication functionalty. From the convenience of his smart phone, the guard could email his entire staff stating the coffee on his floor needed to be re-stocked – all without having to leave his station. With a bit more caffeine it’s likely he wouldn’t have been snoozing, allowing the teen easy access to the rooftop of the building.

For those of you with no fear of heights and an interest in buildering, a building using MRI Workspeed Property Operations will likely thwart your best efforts. But if they don’t have Workspeed have fun, take a few selfies, and stay happy!


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