Residential Property Managers Still Asking, "Are You a Mac or PC?"

It’s a simple question that used to have a simple answer, but thinking about it today, is the answer really that simple? The abundance of iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Blackberrys are clouding the answer to the seemingly “easy” question of what operating system do you use. This is causing residential property owners’ to make choices about enabling their tenants. Do we choose a solution that supports only Android devices, only Apple, what about Blackberry? The answer is actually all three.

If you’re one of these property owners that are struggling to keep your business up to speed with tenants’ lifestyles, you should really consider enabling your tenants with mobile technology. As tenants’ lives continue to move quicker and quicker, allowing them to quickly enter work orders or maintenance requests will become much more important to your business.

Take this scenario into consideration: A tenant is rushing out of the building to head to work and notices that one of the doors to the parking garage has a busted handle. Does your current business process allow them to enter a work request while they continue to walk to their car? Can they do this regardless of what type of smart phone they have? If the answer to either of these is “no”, you are doing your business a disservice by not making it easy to report issues. After the tenant gets to their vehicle, they’ve already stopped thinking about that broken door and many other things are now running through their head as they begin the day, lowering the priority level of filling out a service request. With today’s society moving at the speed of light, not enabling tenants to be immediately proactive can result in your property becoming dilapidated.

Now when it comes to that “easy” question: “Are you a Mac or PC?” it honestly doesn’t matter, because your business should be welcoming to all operating systems, allowing your tenants to use whatever device is in their pocket.iStock_000016508375Small-resized-600


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