MRI Software is NorthCoast 99 Winner – For the 10th Time!

MRI Software is NorthCoast 99 Winner – For the 10th Time!

“Working at MRI has the contagious “start-up” vibe that makes so many companies successful. However, MRI has been around for 40 years and has quite a story to tell. The combination of our industry footprint with the desire to grow and get better makes MRI a fun and innovative place to be. The people make it.” – Andrew Sigler, Account Manager

“MRI has been quite an adventure. It isn’t where I thought I would work, let alone thrive, but unexpected surprises are usually the best kind. MRI has a collaborative energy and flexible scheduling to enable me, and its employees, to be successful in every project I am part of. I get the pleasure of telling candidates why working at MRI is the best choice every day, and I am not lying to them. MRI has been so gracious in the opportunities they have provided and created for me. “– Madalyn Popp, Talent Acquisition Specialist

“MRI gives you the opportunity to focus on your strengths and promotes a work environment that balances your health, your family AND your work.” –Jonah Gregg, Graphic Designer

CEO Pat Ghilani serves waffles to employees as a thank you for hard work.

MRI Software is a place where you can plant your ideas and watch them grow into real-life products. It’s a place where you can plug away at a spreadsheet but still feel like you are having fun with your friends. It’s a place where the CEO will serve you waffles for breakfast to say “thank you” for a successful quarter during Spirit Week.

MRI values hard work, but understands that hard work is only half the battle. Hard work is only accomplished when the culture provides an employee with all of the tools needed to succeed. Our culture is one that supports growth and breeds innovation. The combination of the two creates an environment where our team members are inspired and excited. When employees want to come to work, you know you’ve done something right.

Today, we believe we are doing something right, because for the 10th time, MRI has been named a NorthCoast 99 Award Winner for being one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio! This win is particularly special because it makes us a 10-year Legacy Award winner. This honor is a reflection of our commitment to providing our employees with everything they need from professional development and training, to a game room where they can relax and unwind. At MRI Software, being a great workplace doesn’t just mean providing competitive benefits and salaries, it means creating an environment that allows the entire team to feel like they are an integral piece of the bigger picture.NorthCoast-99

Sure, employees at MRI Software enjoy the onsite-basketball court, arcade room, workout facility, and café, but the excitement of those amenities will eventually fade. What keeps our team happy is the ability to add real value. This is a company that truly values the knowledge and innovative spirit that comes from each individual that walks through our doors and that’s why we are one of the greatest workplaces in Northeast Ohio the world!


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