March Madness Ends and New Relationships Begin

Another year, another great tournament! With Monday night’s victory over Michigan, Louisville was crowned the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion, and we’ve come to the end of this season’s March Madness. After watching the first half, I was positive that Michigan was going to pull off the upset and bring closure to the Fab Five sitting in the stands. Perhaps the devastating injury by Louisville’s Kevin Ware (who is thankfully recovering after a two hour surgery, and could return to playing basketball in as little as eight to twelve weeks) provided the Cardinals with that extra motivation needed to take home the championship.

With the end of this competition, office pools around the world also come to a close with winners claiming the ultimate prize – bragging rights. As I indicated in an earlier post, these tournament pools help create new relationships among the staff. As Joseph Fung of TribeHR writes, marchmadnessends-resized-600“Shared activities — even when they’re not directly work-related — help employees build relationships and get to know each other better, which promotes teamwork and collaboration in everything else they do. Better still, breaking up the day with relaxing or distracting activities can greatly improve focus when it’s time to get back to work, which ultimately increases productivity.”

If you are a residential property manager, perhaps you also coordinated a pool for your residents that ultimately helped to increase solidarity. In my experience, organized events and activities are a great way to create a sense of community and improve overall tenant satisfaction. In fact, if you aren’t sure how to get started, there are several valuable online resources such as, a website where property management professionals can find and share ideas for on-site events and activities.

“Remember that employees who incorporate parts of their job into their sense of self tend to be more engaged in their work, and have longer tenures at your business,” Joseph Fung concludes. The same concept can be applied to your residents – property managers who give their residents an outlet to interact with the community and meet their neighbors may see a decreased turnover rate. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a property that goes the extra mile to make its residents feel at home?

No matter what industry you work in – property management software, consumer electronics, professional services, or the retail industry – chances are you formed a new relationship with a coworker during the tournament. And that makes everyone a winner!


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