How To Maintain Your Parking Lots

Although we’ve written before about the importance of curb appeal to make a great first impression with potential residents and tenants, one topic we’ve yet to discuss is parking lot maintenance. Along with the landscaping and exterior of the building, parking lots are a vital part of your property’s appearance. They must be kept “clean, smooth, and free of debris” if you want to put your property’s best foot forward. Read on for 5 useful tips on parking lot maintenance:  mall-resized-600

1. Protect your asphalt: Glass, small rocks, and other materials left on your parking lot will gradually grind into the asphalt if it’s not swept regularly. In fact, snow plow services can also loosen surface particles over time! Regular lot sweeping will extend the life of the asphalt by picking up these small pieces, decreasing the number of needed repairs.

2. Keep an eye on stormwater runoff: Heavy rains can often cause sediment, oil or metals, and stormwater to make its way onto your lot. Again, make sure to practice consistent lot sweeping to keep your area clean. As a bonus, in this case it will reduce pollution that would otherwise end up in sewers and drains.

3. Prevent potholes and cracks: If you don’t fix a crack before it expands, this can lead to extensive cosmetic damage to your parking lot. Throughout the life of your asphalt, the surface will oxidize and the asphalt shrinks, which creates small cracks in the pavement. If water gets into these fissures, it can freeze and expand, significantly increasing the size of the crack. Make sure your staff fills all cracks as soon as they appear with a rubberized crack sealer, or you may end up with a series of potholes that need to be filled.

4. Use a sealant: Seal coat products can go a long way when it comes to extending the life of lot surfaces. Although quick patches may cost significantly less up front, repeated surface repairs will eventually end up costing property managers far more than the installation costs of a sealed pavement. In fact, a facility can save up to 50% in parking lot maintenance over time simply by maintaining a sealed pavement instead of repeatedly repairing an unprotected one.

5. Show you stripes: Although asphalt is a key component of parking lot maintenance, residents and tenants will appreciate clean, clearly defined parking spaces. Make sure to re-paint the stripes on the lot before they become illegible to potential clients.

Do you have any suggestions when it comes to keeping your parking lot in top shape? Share them below!


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