Keynote Speaker Michael Rogers Discusses Technology in 2020

MRI Software welcomed Michael Rogers, @rogersma, today as the Keynote Speaker at the lunch session during the International Users Conference: Better Together. Michael Rogers, MSNBC’s practical futurist, covered the main topic of technology and where the world is going in the next eight years.

IMG_5113-resized-600Rogers stated that when it comes to business planning and the future, there are two directions a company may go based on their predictions. They can be correct and revenues may increase or incorrect and revenues may decrease. The key to making better predictions about the future is to set a point on the horizon, which for the purpose of today’s speech was 2020. Rogers believes that by 2020 the future will involve a virtualization of America (and possibly the world). To achieve this virtualization, Rogers stated three things that he believes will have to happen. First, he believes that we will need to be attached to the virtual world all the time through more screens in more locations, increased capabilities on phones (such as built in projectors and virtual keyboards), and innovative new technologies (such as the Google glasses). Second, internet access will be accessible everywhere via wireless internet. Finally, he believes cloud intelligence will be heavily increased (specifically referencing IBM’s Watson).

After discussing his view of the virtualization of America, Rogers went into a discussion about digital standards. Within the real estate industry, he predicts that there will only be onestandard, digital language. He also stated that there will probably be a built-in resident lifecycle. Additionally, he discussed how the upcoming generation, those aged 18-29 (known as millennials, will be able to easily create and maintain virtual relationships.

Rogers mentioned that there will be challenges ahead. The top three challenges he foresees are technology strategy, ease of use, and innovation (from a research and development perspective). He stated that there is a corporate immune system, which is made up of lawyers who may say no to innovation and sales departments who like “new and improved” not “completely new”.  Rogers’ completed his keynote speech with the following advice: senior management needs to stay involved in all of the processes of the organization. This will allow for better visibility within the company, market, and sales.


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