Increase revenue for your multifamily property with digital services

Digital services are vital to ensuring resident satisfaction and increasing revenue for your multifamily property.

For residential property owners and managers, customer service is the key to bolstering renewals and maximizing revenue. Once prospects become residents, the focus shifts from bringing them in to your community to retaining them by providing excellent customer service and digital amenities that make life easier.

Predicting renewals is important to maximizing revenue for your real estate organization. If you can’t influence what your yearly renewals will look like, your bottom line could be negatively affected.

Using digital services to increase resident satisfaction

According to MRI Software’s recent multifamily marketing survey, digital services like high-speed broadband and e-bill/rent portals were the top two amenities that students, young professional and Millennial renters all listed as “critical features” in multifamily properties.

If customer service is the key to renewals, then digital services are the new key to customer service. Let’s take a look at a few technologies that can help your property engage residents and retain revenue through increased lease renewals.

Improve multifamily property communication

CallMaX Contact is a flexible solution your staff can use to keep residents informed on community events, rent reminders, and weather warnings, ensuring a pleasant resident experience. These features help you connect with residents and make them feel like part of the community by keeping them informed.

Of course, the best way to reach a resident is the way that works best for them, and CallMaX Contact allows you to do just that. Keep residents in your multifamily property updated on all the latest news by reaching them on live chat, text message, email or phone, all while keeping the process simple for you – the property manager.

Through the Bulletins feature, you’ll also be able to send individual and bulk messages to target prospects and residents while documenting communication. These communications are ideal for any residential property as they guarantee a connection between you and your residents that gets them invested in the community. Once a resident become part of something, leaving that something becomes less appealing over time.

A zero-hassle portal for community activities

MRI Software’s Resident Connect is another comprehensive piece of self-service software perfect for your multifamily property that gives your residents a new way to connect. Through this online service portal, residents will be able to pay bills, renew leases, and connect with leasing staff – all while engaging with your company’s own branding! Residents will also have 24/7 access to the latest statements, account balances and community documents.

With Resident Connect, your property managers no longer have to work around residents’ schedules to get leases renewed. The lease renewal process is handled securely online via DocuSign. Resident Connect cuts out the time-consuming process of filling out forms and mailing them in and replaces it with a fast and efficient way to pay bills and connect with your community.

As the world changes, technology in the residential property market won’t just be an added bonus. It will be a necessity. Before you know it, digital multifamily services will be a “must have” feature for the majority of prospects. Adopting these technology changes now will help you get ahead of the game and increase resident engagement. To learn more about the technology solutions that can help drive resident engagement, check out our webinar here!

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