How Important Is Your Online Presence?

Its 2014 and EVERYONE is online – even pets have their own Facebook pages!  No company wants to seem “behind the times” as that image will not bode well for their business. With today’s tools there is no reason your company should be lagging when it comes to technology. z--graphics-stock photos-technology-shutterstock_94228783-resized-600

Companies may struggle with understanding why having an online presence is so important and where to begin.

Of course there are the “big 3” networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these can offer their own unique benefits to your business and also, they are FREE. Facebook and LinkedIn allow posts or discussions where you can ask questions or post updates and people can comment back and forth. Twitter allows you to share quick tidbits or updates to followers of what might be going on at that property, apartment, mall or office!

Besides the typical networking sites, a website is a crucial way to expand your online presence! If you have multifamily properties or condominiums, it is best to have one website per community as that is the way the residents and prospects will identify best, rather than just a property management website. If you are using MRI VaultWare Websites, there is no need to learn the ins and outs of graphic design just to create a property level website, we allow you templates to choose from that make branding and editing the webpages simple. No html knowledge is needed!

If you will be taking in payments from clients, a portal strategy is something you may want to implement. A portal is best accessed through your current page clients are used to going to. With MRI Resident Connect clients can log into the portal from your webpage to interact with the property by making payments, viewing the community calendar or submitting an online comment card.

Also you can get your tenants involved using the tools you have created online! MRI WorkSpeed allows tenants to submit request from their smartphone or computer, all they need to do is log into the portal you have given them or download the app!

What is your current footprint online?


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