How to Reach an Additional 6 Million Renters Each Month — Free

Guest Blogger: Kyle Paice, Director Of Marketing, Zillow Rentals

zombie-resized-600The multifamily rental market today is incredibly competitive. As a result, it’s more important than ever to get your listings in front of as many renters as possible, and the best way to accomplish this is through syndication. After all, your own marketing expertise might reach hundreds of visitors, but a great syndication network can put that number well into the millions.

There’s a good chance you’re already using VaultWare to syndicate your listings to paid internet listing sites across the Web. However, our team at Zillow has been hard at work to build the ultimate destination for renters. We’re thrilled with our progress, as over six million renters come to our site each month. Furthermore, we want to make sure that each VaultWare’s user is taking advantage of their ability to syndicate to Zillow and Yahoo! Homes at no additional charge.

How do I set up syndication of my available apartment inventory to Zillow within my VaultWare account?

It’s incredibly simple! Ready?

  1. Open the “VaultWare Control Panel”
  2. Click on the “ILS Selection” link
  3. Make sure the box next to “Zillow” is selected as a listing feed partner

This assumes you have already entered your full ad content into the VaultWare Content Manager. If you aren’t using VaultWare to populate and update your online ads, your website, and even your mobile website, now is the time to begin!

What is the benefit of turning on VaultWare syndication to Zillow?

Zillow sees over six million renters each month searching for their next rental on alone. They’re qualified, too! Our surveys have revealed that these renters have an average credit score of 722, which is well above the national average.

Where does Yahoo! Homes fit into all this?

Zillow is the exclusive listing supplier to Yahoo! Homes. If you’d like access to Yahoo!’s huge audience, syndicating your listings to Zillow is the only way to accomplish this.

Is it really free to syndicate to Zillow?

Yes! There are no contracts or agreements. We’re happy to make it easier to connect renters who are interested in finding out more about available units with the professionals who manage them.

Do I have to log in each time I update a unit?

No, any changes that you make to your ad content in VaultWare will be automatically updated on Zillow and Yahoo! Homes.


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