Blog March 29, 2018

The future of residential package management

By Chris Vroman

MRI Software prides itself on its comprehensive work in residential management software and, in recent years, few topics have challenged residential property managers more than the future of residential package management.

“It’s been a topic of conversation at every almost industry conference over the last three or four years that I can think of,” says Brian Zrimsek, our Industry Principal here at MRI, “and it’s really rooted in two changes…the influx of online shopping and the frictionless nature of one-touch buying.” These aspects are extremely popular and account for most of the sharp increase of package deliveries to residential communities. This is exactly why MRI Package Tracking is the solution the industry needs.

What’s in store for the future of residential package management?

Package delivery problems have always existed, but the nature of residential communities is proving to be an additional speed bump in an already difficult challenge. Many facilities have been around far longer than online shopping and are ill-equipped to handle the influx of packages we’re seeing today. Residential property managers have begun to retrofit their spaces in order to keep up with the changing times. But whether it’s reorganizing a designated “package room” where residents can come to claim their deliveries or building lockers where property managers can directly take packages, these solutions can only be described as “good.”

Of course, the problems with these systems don’t appear in the majority of deliveries. As Brian explains in our Package Management podcast, 80 percent of deliveries to these facilities take place without incident. The issues arise when some residents order products too large for a delivery room or locker, or when others start purchasing perishable foods online and can’t pick them up at the leasing office during business hours. While the instinctive response to these challenges is to simply leave packages on residents’ doorsteps, this puts packages at an uncomfortably high risk of theft, weather damage, and other incidents.

Providing better package delivery management

While the current practices for delivery packages are good, we believe that residential property managers need to be equipped with great services. MRI Package Tracking provides a wealth of features for package delivery. It’s a comprehensive solution to a complex problem, and it’s tailored specifically to fit the needs of property management staff and their residents. With Package Tracking, you can utilize the technology of advanced package logging, so your residents know the location of their orders at all times. In addition, you’ll have the power to notify your residents through text or email exactly when their packages arrive.

But why stop there? As a residential property manager, you’ve built a special trust between you and your residents. Just as they trust you with the keys to their units for inspections and property maintenance, with Packing Tracking, you can give your residents the option of in-home deliveries. If they’ve ordered something time-sensitive or overly large, then they won’t have to wait to pick up their packages during office hours. With these services, you can provide your residents with an enriched experience, furthering the trust between resident and landlord, and thus, increasing resident retention.

Still have questions about MRI Package Tracking? Learn more here and check out our podcasts on iTunes or SoundCloud, where Brian Zrimsek and MRI’s Creative Marketing Manager, Nicholas Frank, dive further into problems facing the industry and the residential solutions you’ll need to overcome them.

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