Can Your Office Be Good For Your Health?

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), 80% of Americans report that they feel stress on the job, with 40% reporting that their job was very or extremely stressful. In the UK, 400,000 people believe they have actually fallen ill due to the stress of work. As a commercial property manager, is there anything you can do to boost morale or improve your tenants work experience? The answer is a surprising yes! Read on for some suggestions for updating different aspects of your leasing space, as compiled by CIPHR in their infographic, “Can Your Office Be Good For Your Health?”

marchmadnessends-resized-6001) Plants – Did you know that adding plants can reduce the dust levels in your property by up to 20%? This can help ease the itchy noses and watery eyes that coincide with dust allergies. Moreover, plants have been proven to lower blood pressure, increase productivity, and even improve reaction time by 12%. The Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and Money Plant are all good choices for your space as they significantly improve the air quality in an office building.

2) Pleasant Smells – Scenting an office with lavender oils reduced computer errors by 25% due to the ingredient’s its relaxing effects. Vanilla bean is another good candidate to encourage relaxation and positive emotions within your tenants.  Air fresheners in the bathrooms or commons areas are a good starting point for property managers since scenting an entire property may not be cost effective.

3) Colors – Blue or red/orange are both viable options, although for different reasons. Blue has been shown to create a more relaxing atmosphere, with the ability to lower blood pressure and ease mental tension. Red or orange, on the other hand, have an energizing effect, and are more suitable to decrease fatigue. If you have the ability to paint your property’s walls, adding a few bright accent areas would be an easy way to incorporate these colors. You can also choose different artwork with these hues and hang them around the space.

4) Natural Lighting – When it comes to illumination, natural lighting trumps fluorescents! Employees can concentrate up to 4 times as long when natural light is utilized versus artificial. Make sure your window blinds and curtains can be easily adjusted to let the sunshine in so tenants can reap these benefits.

If your tenants feel happier and healthier at their property, it can positively affect your retention rate. Do you currently employ any of these tactics in your properties? Let us know in the comments section!


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