5 Tips to Drive Retention

When it comes to retaining your tenants, tenant satisfaction is critical. Think about these questions for a moment: Do you struggle to get critical information to your tenants? Are your tenants dissatisfied with the timeliness and thoroughness of your communication about maintenance, renovation, or other disruptive events? Would your tenants benefit from extended office hours that do not synch up with your business schedule? Is your website not mobile-friendly?

shutterstock_85859413-resized-600If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, your business may be in need of a communication face-lift with your tenants. Making the effort to work with what your tenants use shows initiative and care, qualities that tenants value. By adapting your business to new and prevalent technologies in use by your tenants, you may effectively enhance your company’s relationship with them. Since more than 25% of smartphone users rarely use a traditional desktop (On Device Research),  being able to reach your tenants more effectively could be as simple as breaking down a communication barrier.

To help you suit your tenants’ needs and break down barriers to allow more effective communication, MRI has put together a “5 Tips to Drive Retention” document. Download this tipsheet now to learn about how your property management software can help you to increase tenant satisfaction and drive retention.

For more information on connecting with your tenants through technology, please visit: www.mrisoftware.com.


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