5 Things MRI Software is Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Every year it is tradition for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, etc. However, the key point of this holiday is not in the food, the parades, or the runs that take place, but rather something that the title spells out to the world: giving thanks. We all have things to be thankful for, and that is why MRI Software would like to take a step back and list the top 5 things we give thanks about this year.

  1. shutterstock_112112945-resized-600MRI is thankful for the City of Solon’s warm welcome of MRI‘s new Global Headquarters. With this switch to Solon, Ohio, MRI has been able to expand the company not only in the physical size of the building, but also in the number of people who fill it. Even today, MRI is grateful to be able to continue hiring new team members to continue expansion allowing better service to our clients.
  2. MRI is thankful for the successful integration of the three new product lines that were welcomed to the family: Bostonpost, VaultWare, and Workspeed. These products are now offered under the MRI’s end-to-end solution offerings for commercial and multifamily property managers and owners.
  3. MRI is thankful for the recent availability of new product offerings in the latest release of Property Management 4.4. Now available under the MRI offerings are: Budgeting & Forecasting, Tenant Connect, and Resident Connect and Online Renewals. Additionally, MRI is grateful to have early adopters for these new product offerings.
  4. MRI is thankful for the ability  to increase its community outreach to help give back to those in need, on a local, national, and global scale.
  5. Finally, MRI is thankful for its clients. Not many companies can say that they still have their first client and have had the client for over 40 years now. This shows the level of customer satisfaction MRI strives for. MRI would like to take this Thanksgiving to thank all clients who have chosen MRI Software as their property management software provider.

Thank you! Now go enjoy some turkey!


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