45 Days to Freedom

Today’s blog post is written by AvidXchange, a member of the MRI Partner Connect program and one of MRI’s Preferred Partners.

There always seems to be a layer of skepticism around AvidXchange’s ability to implement our software in 45 days, or less. It’s not unfounded, as some software implementations that are at the core of business processes take several months, or even longer. However, we believe that when you make the decision to automate your payable processes, it should happen as quickly as possible. In 45 days we guarantee to free you from your inefficient, paper-based processes, so that you and your team can focus on high-value tasks and scale for growth.

So, how do we do it? Over the last 14 years and over 500 client implementations, we’ve attached a method to our madness. It’s broken down into three phases:

  • Data Collection (Weeks One and Two)
  • Configuration (Weeks Two and Three)
  • Testing and Training (Weeks Four and Five)

Those phases are completed with our teams of Project Managers and Implementation Specialists who work tirelessly to ensure that the transition is easy for our clients. Below is an interview that we recently conducted with one of our Senior Project Managers, who has implemented over 100 clients:45 days to freedom

1. What are clients’ biggest concerns when implementing?

We understand that there are going to be some concerns about implementation. The most common concerns I hear relate to the time and resource commitments it will take to make a 45-day implementation goal realistic. We understand that the idea of implementing an enterprise level SaaS- based application in such a short timeframe sounds aggressive, but in our experience it is entirely possible while still allowing the client to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

2. What are the “steps” to implementation?

There are three main phases to implementation. Phase one is devoted entirely to data collection. During this phase you would provide AvidXchange with your chart of accounts, vendor list, user list, and entity list.  Once we get all of the data back, we move into phase two where we would help you to configure your portal and test the integration between AvidXchange and your accounting system. We do these tasks 100% remotely through a series of webinars that are designed to hold your hand through every part of the implementation. Once everything is setup, then we move on to phase three, which is dedicated to testing and end-user training.

3. How will the implementation process impact the workday for those involved?

Find out firsthand from one of our Senior Project Managers, Jennifer Liddy! Join us for an exclusive webinar for MRI Users on Wednesday, November 5th, at 2:00pm EST.

To learn more or register for the presentation, visit the AvidXchange website.


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