Make your life a whole lot easier

Get time back with automation

MRI Strata Master will reduce the time you spend on daily tasks with its streamlined workflows covering every aspect of strata and body corporate management.

Build better, stronger relationships

It’s easy to provide owners and committee members with the transparency and personalised information they want and need for their property.

Make smarter business decisions

Essential data and insights are surfaced by MRI Strata Master's extensive reporting suite so you can make better business decisions and proactively manage your portfolio.

Know support is always available

Benefit from decades of robust and compliant trust accounting experience. Take comfort support is always available with personalised customer service and tailored training programs.

Strata Management Software

Make light work of a complex business with MRI Strata Master

Our industry-leading strata management solution automates everyday tasks, simplifies compliance and lets you deliver stand-out customer service. It’s simple to issue levy notices directly from MRI Strata Master and power through your day. Customised reports allow you to track finances easily. And our wizards make light work of agenda, meeting and change of ownership tasks that are too important to get wrong. Could your business be more professional and profitable with Strata Master?

MRI Strata Master is scalable to any business size with advanced features designed by industry professionals. The software is regularly upgraded to keep up to date with the changing requirements of our customers and the industry.

Strata Management Software

Why choose MRI Strata Master?

  • Communications

    A single contact database with a huge range of merge fields and filters makes it easy to email reports, levy notices and more to specific groups. Choose from email, SMS, letter – or some combination of all three based on your clients needs.

  • Trust Accounting

    Power through your accounting with automated electronic banking, quick journaling, and simplified bank reconciliations. Streamline your Invoice management and access an endless stream of customisable reports so every need is covered.

  • Reporting

    Generate any number of reports based on scheme, owner, trades, managing agent, as well as your everyday General Management Reports. Plus there’s quick reports for when you need less detailed information quickly!

  • Levy and Invoice Management

    Bulk generate your levy notices and invoices. Stay cash flow positive and keep on top of arrears with in-built reminders and a staged debt recovery process to better manage your receivables.

Strata Management Software

Meetings and Maintenance Management sorted

Take the hassle out of meetings. Our meetings app allows you to control your meetings from your tablet, with minutes and other data syncing back to Strata Master so there’s no double entry. A digital task list will keep you on track, agenda creation is streamlined, and before you even start, our AGM preparation tool allows you to send out financial reports with ease.

Get things fixed fast. Take maintenance requests, create work orders and organise tradesmen in one system. Keep work orders on track with reminders and take comfort that everything is logged so there’s always a record of what has (or hasn’t) been done.

Strata Management Software

Conquer your filing

With File Smart integrated with MRI Strata Master, you control your filing. MRI’s electronic management system centralises all your documents. Scan them in, and then it’s just a click to archive, retrieve or transmit your paperwork – all from one place. Plus, documents can be easily made available on the Owner and Committee portal so your clients have 24/7 access to the information they need and don’t need 24/7 access to you.

strata management software

Automate your committee member approvals process

The Online Invoice Approval module is part of File Smart for Strata Master and allows you to bulk-send invoices for approval, notify all relevant approvers, keep track of their responses, and then automatically add the invoice to a payment queue once it reaches majority. This seriously simplifies your external invoice approval process, giving you hours back every week. It’s easy for your committee members as well, with everything they need for the approval process available online, and accessible from anywhere via the portals.

Simplify your life with these great features

Compliance Register

Whether it is a register for compliance, contracts, meetings, keys, improvements or by law registrations, these can now be recorded in MRI Strata Master.

Contact Management

You can record an unlimited number of additional contact details for Owners, Agents and Tenants and distribute levies, meeting documentation and correspondence via email to these contacts.

Corporation Audit Trail

Keep track of all Owners Corporation records with the new Corporation Audit Trail, recording the user, time and date of any changes made.

Repairs & Maintenance

Issue jobs quicker with default delivery contacts and creditor details, and never exceed the authorised amount with work order and quote cost limits.

Meeting Wizard

The Meeting Wizard is a configurable checklist of tasks to guide you through from preparation, to running the meeting, as well as the follow up tasks.

Owner and Committee Portal

By giving your owners and executives the ability to view their own financial records, you can reduce your incoming calls, allowing you to spend more time on managing your portfolio.

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