Get smart with AI-powered lease abstraction

MRI Lease Intelligence is an AI-powered lease abstraction solution for commercial property owners, operators, occupiers and investors. By integrating the power of Leverton with MRI Software, we are able to provide a cost-efficient way to extract data from leases and store it in a smart, centralised repository.

Using paper-based, scanned documents and manually inputting data into spreadsheets results in data inaccuracies and hours spent looking for source information. Without an audit trail, your skilled staff will spend their time manually chasing data instead of focusing on strategic business objectives. AI-powered lease abstraction automates the process to eliminate rifling through lease documents to find information and digging through data to find errors.

With the ability to analyse the lease data in a meaningful way, commercial owners and operators that manage tenant leases can capitalise on opportunities through comprehensive analytics and insights gleaned from the data.


Efficient lease abstraction

Using a proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, documents are reviewed and converted to machine-readable text and stored in a centralised repository.

Contract analytics

Access and analyse structured data in an index, map, table or calendar view, or create dashboards and reports to derive tailored insights for the unique needs of your team.

Complete audit trail

Each extracted data point is linked to source information, providing a full audit trail that paper-based processes and spreadsheets simply can’t offer.

Data quality & integration

Integrate directly with MRI property management, ensuring data integrity and accuracy with one source of the truth across your entire portfolio.

lease abstraction software


  • Go beyond data extraction with contract analytics capabilities to learn more from your data.

  • Ensure data accuracy and reliability to stay compliant with lease accounting standards such as IFRS 16 and ASC 842.

  • Eliminate error-prone manual aggregation, reduce accounting mistakes and help identify data discrepancies.

  • Empower your skilled staff to gain meaningful insights from data instead of spending time searching for information.

  • Make strategic decisions about portfolio performance and manage tenant leases effectively with easy access to data.

  • Optimise your portfolio and reduce risk by making decisions based on reliable information.

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and increased earnings that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  • A complete audit trail enables full access to extracted data in source documents with one click, even from a spreadsheet.


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