Developed for the management of corporate real estate

Whatever your business looks like, we understand that one of your core objectives is to reduce expenditure. Our integrated CRE facilities management and maintenance functionality is designed to ensure you get the best use from your portfolio, ensuring the working environment is optimised for your employees and achieves compliance with facility regulations.

Planned preventative maintenance

Reduce your reactive activities and control processes through scheduled procedures and intuitive workflows. This not only enables better services to your businesses, but help your meet regulatory practices.

Asset register

Store full details of assets and related data. Assets can be grouped into relationships allowing overall maintenance plans to be created, as well as being able to monitor individual asset life cycles.

Business intelligence

Monitor the efficiency of your operations, the condition of your assets and the performance of your suppliers and contractors.

Reactive maintenance

Utilise a central help desk for all reactive maintenance requirements, which can be used to assign tasks both internally and externally as they are fully managed through a workflow.

FM mobile app

Access all required details and history of work on assets while in the field.


Record inspections of real estate assets and their conditions for planning purposes. Long-term asset replacement plans and budgets can be forecasted against this.


Deploy portals for employees to log requests, and for contractors to update work order details and activities.

Property planner

A central calendar provides information on all work to give a complete overview of maintenance activity within the portfolio.

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