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Adams Bridge

AdamsBridge is a global professional services firm focused on supporting the real estate industry through the development of sustainable, innovative, and scalable managed service solutions. Our tailored sourcing engagements allow clients to redirect internal resources to focus on core competencies that drive value while we manage the rest. With decades of industry expertise and with over 500 global employees, our professional services firm is the partner of choice for companies seeking to leverage sourcing to reduce costs, increase efficiency, streamline operations, and drive investor and stockholder value.

We have the knowledge, experience, and team capable of quickly structuring engagements and effectively transitioning for an immediate financial impact to our clients. Our ability to scale has allowed us to become the fastest growing real estate sourcing company in the US.

AdamsBridge Global is a privately held company with offices in Nashville, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, South Florida, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Manila. We have direct, relevant experience in all aspects of real estate lease, accounting and finance which enables us to provide solutions to owners, investors, occupiers and managers of real estate. We understand which processes are “core” to a real estate operator and which are “non-core”. We work with each client to shape an engagement for their unique structure, and we work together to develop an overall plan that leverages sourcing as a business strategy.

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