Top 5 benefits of cloud migration for real estate

The top 5 business benefits of cloud migration

In 2022, an estimated 60% of corporate data was stored in the cloud , a notable increase on the 50% recorded in 2021 and the 30% from 2015. Cloud data migration is driven by a need to tighten security, reduce costs, and prepare forward-thinking businesses for future growth.

It’s something that we’re seeing a lot of in the real estate sector, as companies realise that cloud migration isn’t just beneficial, but could also be essential for smooth and safe operation.

In the following guide, we’ll disuses some of the benefits of migrating to the cloud, answering key questions such as:

  • What are the main benefits of cloud migration?
  • How can it improve security?
  • Will it help my business to grow?
  • What cannot be migrated to the cloud?
  • What is the best cloud migration strategy?

Cloud migration benefits for real estate firms

The real estate sector hasn’t always been accepting or enthusiastic in the face of technological change. It’s an industry steeped in tradition—pamphlets and posters, paper contracts, in-person meetings—that is keen to provide the personal touch.

But that is rapidly changing as real estate firms realise that it’s still possible to incorporate technological advancements without losing touch with the client.

Cloud migration plays an important role in this high-tech push. It provides fast and seamless integration that supports many areas of the business.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of migrating to the cloud:

Improved security

Using software in the cloud is often the safest option.

It’s not completely immune to cyberattacks and there will always be an element of risk—especially when you consider that many ransomware attacks begin when an unsuspecting employee opens the wrong email or clicks the wrong link—but it’s one of the best options.

Servers are not stored in unsecured locations where they can be accessed by bad agents within the organisation and criminals outside of it. Instead, they are stored in highly secure locations and monitored around the clock by state-of-the-art CCTV and visitor tracking/vetting software.

A small or medium-sized real estate firm simply can’t compete with a multi-million-dollar tech firm when it comes to digital and physical security, but by adopting cloud computing solutions, they can get the same benefits.

Cloud servers are also better prepared to deal with the fallout of a ransomware attack. The servers are regularly backed up, so if data is lost, it can be retrieved with minimal fuss.

Continuous updates

By using cloud servers, you can ensure that all employees are using the same up-to-date version of software. It will also receive regular updates, ensuring it runs optimally and is equipped to deal with the latest security threats.

Support teams are also on hand to deal with whatever issues arise. At MRI Cloud Services, for instance, we have a toll-free help desk with direct access to dedicated support. We have support teams all over the world, including here in Australia.

Ability to scale

The property market has experienced some unexpected highs and lows over the last few years, and real estate firms have been forced to adapt. But scaling a business isn’t as simple as finding more clients and acquiring new projects.

You need the infrastructure and resources to accommodate those clients and projects, and if you’ve outgrown your existing infrastructure, you may be forced to reject them.

Cloud-based solutions can navigate these issues by providing real estate firms with the means they need to grow. They are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the company, regardless of its size or its current rate of growth.

To experience all the growth benefits of cloud migration, think proactively and not reactively. Many companies only turn to cloud computing when they have no other choice. They realise that they can’t take on any more staff, clients, or projects without upgrading their current systems, so they look to cloud computing to help.

But if the systems are already in place, the business can scale seamlessly, adding new projects and taking advantage of new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Saving time and money

For many small businesses, the most important benefits of cloud migration are related to cost. They don’t have the resources to invest in expensive hardware or keep up with those hefty maintenance and repair costs.

And that’s not all.

Energy prices sky-rocketed in 2022 and many businesses have been forced to close down based solely on those spiralling costs. Removing expensive hardware from the equation can reduce a company’s operating costs and ensure it’s not a slave to unpredictable movements in the energy market.

It also means that employees aren’t asked to side-line as tech support staff whenever there is an issue, thus freeing them up to focus on the tasks that they do best.

Remote software access

Before 2020, most Australians only worked from home when they were catching up on work. During 2020, it became a necessity, and while the number of remote workers has dropped since then, many employers now understand how beneficial it can be for their employees and their bottom line.

In fact, 82% of employers believe that remote work is the future  and most employees believe they work best in remote or hybrid roles.

Cloud-based solutions provide remote workers with access to all the applications and tools they can find at the office, thus ensuring they are well-equipped to deal with the upcoming work-from-home revolution.

Connections are safe and not reliant on the security—or lack thereof—of an employee’s personal computers or devices.

In addition to offering remote working opportunities for employees, cloud migration allows real estate firms to connect multiple offices to a single system.

Summary: The benefits of cloud migration

From easy scalability to dedicated support and more, there are many benefits of cloud migration for real estate companies.

By utilising solutions such as MRI Cloud, you can digitally transform your real estate business and prepare it for the next stage of growth. We have over 50 years of experience and provide a flexible, resilient, and reliable service for commercial real estate companies.

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