Property management software update: Property Tree October 2021

Enhancements across the Compliance Register, Invoice Genius and more are in this month’s Property Tree release! Here’s a quick rundown of all the feature enhancements available for you starting this October 2021.

October 2021 property management software update

Compliance Register Enhancements

To help you better manage and track compliance tasks, two new compliance types have been added: Smoke Alarms & General. We’ve also added a history section and the ability to create notes and to have compliance managed by Commercial Tenancies.

Invoice Genius – Allocate tenancy held funds

As we’ve received a number of requests, you will also now be able to see and allocate held funds through Invoice Genius when invoicing Tenants. This will streamline the invoicing process to increase productivity as you now have the option to allocate funds as you invoice tenants, instead of allocating funds from individual profiles.

Account Codes – Journal List Report & Find Transactions

The Account Code column has been added to the Find Transaction and Journal List Report, to allow you to troubleshoot and resolve issues on the Ownership Income & Expenditure reports.

Statistics Report – Unassigned Portfolio Filtering

The Statistics Report now allows filtering by Unassigned Portfolio for a specified Business Role. Now you can identify the number of properties and fee amounts where portfolios are not assigned in certain business roles – this is especially useful in cases when certain roles in your team are commission based.

New revenue category: Lease Renewal Fee

A new income category has been added for lease renewal fees to enable you to separate the Letting Fee revenue stream from the Lease Renewal Fee revenue stream.

More on Property Tree October 2021 release

To learn more about this release you may read the release notes here. You can also take the self-paced training for a step-by-step guide in using the new features.

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