Blog April 20, 2020

Introducing MRI Secure Sign – the eSignature solution for Property Tree


This blog post relates to Rockend, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

Property Tree users can now experience a more quick and streamlined document signing process with MRI Secure Sign, the electronic document signature and storage solution made for real estate organisations. This integrated solution allows documents and contracts to be signed by your tenants an owners using any device and automatically saves them to Property Tree for easy access by your team at any time. The result? An efficient workflow that manages your signed documents without worrying about printing, scanning, or security.

Why use Secure Sign?

1. Simplify the document signing process for your staff and customers

MRI Secure Sign makes the process of getting documents signed, simple from start to finish. Tenants and Landlords no longer need to print, scan, store and drop off management agency agreements, rent adjustments etc.. All they have to do is sign electronically at any time, using any device. And it’s not just the signing that’s easier, Secure Sign also makes it a breeze for your staff to create and send templates that are standardized and specific to the needs of your business by allowing users to:

  1. Pre-populate fields with recipient’s information
  2. Send documents for signature to multiple recipients in specific order with just one single send
  3. Auto-save documents to Property Tree

2. Legally binding documents signed in seconds

No need for wet ink and paper to seal the deal – all documents signed using MRI Secure Sign are legally binding documents per the Electronic Transactions Act.

3. Boost productivity, meet deadlines

By eliminating the need to print, scan and store documents, your staff saves time and money processing and managing paperwork, making it easier to lock in new tenants and renewals in no time.

4. Go paperless and streamline the workflow of your real estate transactions

All signed documents using Secure Sign are automatically stored in Property Tree, making it easy for you and your team to manage and access files for future reference. And because it’s all digital, you get to save a few trees too while you’re at it.

Start using today

MRI Secure Sign is an additional service to your Property Tree subscription. See it in action when you book a free demo today.

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