Mobile apps every property manager needs

It’s a fact that we’re living in an increasingly digital and mobile world. As owners and tenants become more tech-savvy, property management businesses should evolve their tools to maximise engagement with their clients and stay on top of their tasks.

Providing tenant apps, for instance, will help cater to the expectations of the modern client – paperless transactions, instant notifications, etc. But there are also mobile apps that you as a property manager can use to help boost your marketing efforts and improve your efficiency. Here’s just a few that you might want to consider adding to your phone.

Property management apps to add to your phone

Google My Business

The Google My Business app allows you to respond to reviews and messages, edit your Google My Business profile, upload photos and get notifications when a customer connects with your agency on Google. With the mobile app, you will never miss a chance to turn Google searches into customers.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams

The pandemic has made video conferencing an essential part of every property manager’s working lives. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are popular video conferencing apps that have free and paid versions which can help you hold your meetings virtually with your team and customers wherever your scheduled meetings find you.


Never lose that important note you jotted down ever again with the Evernote app. Evernote allows you to create notes digitally, plus save photos, receipts or emails securely in one location. You can also share your notes to easily collaborate with other members of your property management team. Accessing your notes from your mobile or desktop is easy as everything is synced in real-time.


Linkedin is a must-have app for any property management professional. Not only can you establish connections and find quality leads, but it is one of the best networks that allows you to build your professional portfolio and increase your credibility as a property manager. Pro tip: Make sure your Outlook calendar and contacts are synced on your mobile app to get recommended connections and build your network.


Facebook still has the widest reach of any social media for property managers. The app allows you to stay on top of your Facebook business and personal pages on the go – check out your page insights, respond to customer queries quickly, post content, and connect with other property managers through groups such as Property Rockstars.

Creator Studio app

A companion to Facebook, this app gives you better control in managing your pages. With this app, you can publish and schedule content, access insights, manage and edit post content, respond to messages, switch between multiple pages you manage and more.


Instagram is an essential social media tool for any property management business and is designed to post creative content on the go. As the second largest social media site in Australia, this image and video sharing platform allows you to reach more audience with eye-catching photos of listings, relevant hashtags for SEO and interactive tools such as IG Stories & IGTV that are great for virtual tours.

Canva Design

Get creative with your social media posts with the Canva app. Its easy-to-use interface provides you with the tools you need to edit photos and videos and create amazing graphic design to make your content stand out.


Instagram Stories is a useful feature on Instagram, perfect for improving your agency’s brand visibility and increasing your engagement with content that you can share throughout the day. This tool will help you create animated stories easily, with easy-to-use templates that will allow you to create visually stunning designs in seconds.

Maintenance Plus app

Maintenance management is integral to effective property management, it’s also one of the most time-consuming – taking up between 30 and 60% of your day. Using a maintenance management app, such as  MRI Maintenance Plus can help centralise the maintenance workflow so there’s nothing lost and there’s no need for off-platform communications between stakeholders. Property managers, owners, tenants and service providers can track the progress of maintenance tasks and are updated in real time with push notifications delivered directly to their mobile devices.

There are tons more mobile apps out there, but these are just some basic apps that you can start with.  It’s best to evaluate your working style and job responsibilities first to know which apps you truly need to avoid getting overwhelmed. At the end of the day, keeping it simple will ensure you’re maximising each tools’ purpose to make your work easier.

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